Impact Board Black

Colour optimised sticky glue traps for control of various greenhouse pests

Russell IPM Impact board traps attract and trap a wide range of insect pests. Each trap type is a specific colour, designed and tested to maximise the attraction and catch of the target pest species.

The traps can be used in high temperature, high humidity environments and the adhesive is UV-light stable, making them ideal for use within glasshouse and polytunnel crops as well as outside. They have a convenient peel-off paper cover, ensuring that the product is easy-to-use and easy to hang out. The grid printed on one side is a guide to help with counting the insects.

Benefits of the Impact board black

Black impact boards are used in combination with species-specific pheromone lures.  Black is less attractive to most common pest species, so using them with pheromones maximises the catch of the target pest catch rate whilst reducing attraction to beneficial insects and other non-target species.  This makes the traps more species-specific and easier to assess.

High tack adhesive layer.

Ideal for quick and simple monitoring.

Standard sizes: 10 x 25 cm, 20 x 25 cm, 40 x 25 cm

Customised Sizing: Please contact us to find out more about our size customisation option.

Black Impact Boards are combined with species-specific luresand are used for monitoring species such as the South American tomato moth, Tuta absoluta, and the brown marmorated stink bug Halyomorpha halys.Black traps were found to catch higher numbers of both pest species compared to other colours tested, and a lower catch of non-target species. Always combine the traps with species-specific pheromone lures. Alternatively, for Tuta absolutause our wet glue boards or Optiroll Tuta/Tuta rolls, which are infused with Tuta absolutasex pheromone.