A biorational fungicide to protect crops from mould and mildew

Based on beneficial soil micro-organisms, Lycomax provides natural fungicidal properties to prevent pathogenic fungi from growing on seeds, roots, stems and leaves. The granular or powder formulation can be mixed with water and sprayed through irrigation pipes or applied directly to the plant surface.
Benefits of Lycomax
  • Protects plants from pathogenic fungal diseases.
  • Reduces use of noxious chemical fungicides.
  • Increases plants ability to fight future infections.
  • Easy to apply, either through irrigation or direct to leaf.

Why choose Lycomax?

Lycomax can be used successfully as part of an IPM programme. The formulation has been shown to significantly lessen the risk of moulding, reducing the necessity of chemical fungicides without compromising crop protection efficiency.

The microbes present in Lycomax were specially chosen due to their ability to enhance plant and root growth of the crop whilst attacking pathogenic fungi.