Thripnok contains a combination of two natural and safe floral scents, that attract a range of flower inhabiting thrips species, such as western flower thrips, Frankliniella Occidentals, and onion thrips, Thrip tabac. These thrips species are world-wide pests that damage crops and spread virus diseases.

Adding Thripnok to sticky traps increased trap catch of thrips by 3x in glasshouse and polytunnel strawberry trials. Greater increases in trap catch have been observed in certain conditions and crops. the lures can be added to blue or yellow traps. Typical spacing is 10 meters apart, or 120 per hectare.

Monitoring tool that can be used in all protected crops:
  • Improves early detection of thrips
  • Increases trap catch
  • Attracts a wide range of thrips species
  • Duel scents result in a more versatile tool that is attractive in a wider range of flowering crops
Can be combined with a range of pest management strategies:
  • Mass trapping with sticky traps and Thripnok is used in strawberry, pepper and flower crops
  • Push-pull strategies combining Thripnok and traps with Magipal (a natural enemy attractant)
  • Can improve the performance of insecticide and biological treatments, as Thripnok draws thrips out of flowers, making them easier to target
  • Lure and infect strategies are being investigated, combining Thripnok with biopesticide auto-dissemination devices